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Beyond the Blog – Other writings from 2014

I set up Self Certified in 2014 as a home for some of my writing that didn’t quite fit elsewhere.
Beyond this blog, I’ve been writing away for, Workers Solidarity facebook page and the Irish Anarchist Review – here are the highlights:

Homeless Nightmare Won’t be Resolved by Government Response

In the wake of the sad death of Jonathan Corrie, who was sleeping rough in the shadow of Dáil Éireann, Ireland’s parliament, the Taoiseach went walk about in the city centre to meet Dublin’s homeless. A scrooge like epiphany is unlikely.

Water Charges Protest – Regime Media Numbers Just Don’t Add Up

After the massive anti-water charges protest on December 10th, the Irish Times (AKA the paper of record) published an article claiming that “only” 32,000 showed up. The journalist used an app called CrowdSize. I used the same app to show why he was wrong, and that at least 85,000 had protested.

Water Charges: They didn’t ask our consent – The law must be broken!

Since Occupy in 2011, groups influenced by the Freeman of the Land ideology have been a scurge on anti-austerity resistance. Here I take on some of their counter-legal advice for water charges resitors.

Mainstreaming Ethnic Cleansing and Genocide in the Israeli Media

I argue that the expression of views in favour of ethnic cleansing in the Israeli media are not isolated, they represent a significant section of mainstream Zionist thinking and could not be freely aired if they did not. In reality they are the honest expression of the Zionist project to create an ethnically pure state, permanently rid of the native people.

Warsaw 1942 to Gaza 2014 – Walls, fences and ethnic cleansing

On the similarities between the Warsaw Ghetto under the Nazis and Gaza strip under the Israeli state.

Review: This Side of the Sublime – Iain M. Banks’ The Culture series

A review of Iain M. Banks’s The Culture sci-fi series, set in a post-scarcity, post-capitalist society.

Tuam kids home mass grave revealed – End Catholic Conservative control in Ireland

Despite attempts at a media blackout, people in Ireland and across the globe were shocked to learn of the discovery of almost eight hundred skeletal remains of babies and children at a former “mother and babies home” that was run by the Bon Secours nuns. These were the children who were taken from unmarried mothers, many of whom ended up in the Magdalene Laundries. For a more in depth look at the issue, take a look at Stephanie Lord’s piece on Feminist Ire.

Religion in the Irish education system

The Catholic Church dominates the Irish education system. There is something quite sinister in the idea of an organisation that played the role that it has in Irish society, that has covered up child sex abuse, subjugated women and pontificated against homosexuality having a “privileged means of promoting the formation of the whole person.”

I also wrote editorials for Irish Anarchist Review 9 and 10

Thanks for reading, happy new year and see you in 2015

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