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I am voting yes to marriage equality in Ireland on Friday 22nd May 2015

000yesNo clever titles, no rhetorical flourishes, there isn’t much for a straight cis male to say that hasn’t been said already, other than that I urge you all to go out and vote yes to remove a little bit of inequality from our horribly unequal society. Here’s a blogpost from Cunning Hired Knaves that sums up my views in that regard.

Remember, the only thing this referendum is about is allowing same sex couples the same rights as hetero couples, but even if it was about all those things the ‘no’ campaign are claiming it is about, I’d still be voting yes because THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG WITH ANY OF IT.

So your choice is between love and equality on one side and the ideology that brought you the mother and baby homes; the Magdalene laundries; the industrial schools; clerical child sex abuse cover ups; opposition to the mother and child scheme; opposition to tampons; opposition to contraception; opposition to divorce and opposition to abortion, on the other.

Be sound, VOTE YES!


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