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I’m Debating Basic Income at this Year’s Dublin Anarchist Bookfair #dabf


The Dublin Anarchist Bookfair is the biggest and best organised annual left wing event in Ireland. This year’s event takes place this weekend and I’ll be taking part in a debate on Universal Basic Income on Saturday 16th of April at 2pm in the Cobblestone, Smithfield.

Details from the facebook event page are as follows:


In recent years, there has been a growing interest in Basic Income. Basic Income is a payment from the state to every resident on an individual basis, without any means test or work requirement. Is Basic Income a progressive proposal or does it sound too good to be true?

In this panel, speakers from Basic Income Ireland and from the Irish labour movement will discuss Basic Income and the questions that it raises. What are the different notions of how a Basic Income system might work? Why are governments around the world now considering it more seriously? What form would it be likely to take in the present economic and political context?


Róisín Mulligan will speak on behalf of Basic Income Ireland and other members of BII will be present to participate in discussion. Basic Income Ireland is a network of people working towards making universal basic income a reality in Ireland.

Michael Taft is Research Officer with UNITE the Union. He blogs regularly at Unite’s Notes on the Front and the Irish Left Review.

Mark Hoskins is an anarchist writer and activist currently researching automation, urban farming, class, and alternatives to wage labour and monetary exchange.

This panel is part of the 2016 Dublin Anarchist Bookfair, for more details of the bookfair see

There are many more interesting talks, with speakers including Janet Biehl, Davide Turcato, Kurdish Democratic Confederalists, and activists from various campaigns in Ireland – Pro Choice, Anti-Water Charges etc.
Click going on Facebook and check out the WSM website for further details.

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