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A Planet for the People – From

Here’s an excerpt from my article in the latest issue of The Wild Word

One of the main issues I have with the mainstream Green movement is that it has mostly situated itself outside of communities and away from labour rights struggles, preferring to jostle for position in the corridors of power. NGO’s like Climate Action Network for example, focus on lobbying at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), which is responsible for the array of international treaties from, Kyoto to Paris, that have failed to alter the trajectory our ecosystems are taking.

At the same time, the political wing of mainstream environmentalism, the Green Parties, that in the wake of the fall of Stalinism posed as the radical alternative to the mainstream, are now part and parcel of the system.

The Irish Green party for example, while in coalition with the centre-right Fianna Fáil party (2007 – 2011), came under serious criticism for the Shell pipeline in County Mayo, which was opposed by many locals and environmental protesters. Where before the Greens had stood with protesters, once in power they shamelessly compromised themselves, despite their current leader Eamon Ryan serving as Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources. Ryan also held extensive talks with fracking interests during his time as minister and according to at least one company spokesperson, was fully behind their project.

Read the rest here: A Planet for the People


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