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Anarchism in Interesting Times

Electoral Politics: Where Ideas go to Die

Now that the dust is settling on the European and Local elections, I am reposting this piece from my Facebook page, with some minor changes. A lot of dedicated, principled … Continue reading

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The faces change, the state remains the same. 

What the state needs the state gets. In 2008 it was Obama. After the Bush years the legitimacy of the US State was in question. Obama, the first president who … Continue reading

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All the Evil in the World – Pandora, the One Percent and the New European Reaction

A spectre is haunting the people of Europe, but this time it’s not one to be welcomed. All the powers of new Europe have entered into an unholy alliance to … Continue reading

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Warped Visions: Religion in the Irish Education System

Warped Visions: Religion in the Irish Education System The following is an article I wrote for issue 9 of the Irish Anarchist Review. Excerpt: ” It’s no secret that the … Continue reading

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