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Anarchism in Interesting Times

Follow the Yellow Brick Road – Socialism and the British Labour Party (Part 2)

  1939 was a notable year for quite a few reasons, the most obvious being the outbreak of the second world war. After the solemn vows following the last war … Continue reading

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From the Irish Anarchist Review archives: General strike – Protest or process?

I wrote this article in 2013 for issue 9 of the Irish Anarchist Review. I think most of it holds up, three years later. I would go as far to … Continue reading

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Garth Brooks, Bobby Ewing and the Second Coming of Christ

There was a cinematic quality to Dublin on Monday evening. The streets were bathed in a kind of luminesscant sunlight, that was at once beautiful and eerie. On the 27 … Continue reading

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On Being Divisive: Class struggle versus intersectionality or intersectional class struggle?

Toxic, hostile, liberal, middle-class, divisive; These are some of the ways I’ve heard intersectionality theory and it’s proponents described in left-wing circles over the last year or so. It’s been … Continue reading

July 7, 2014 · 10 Comments

Pigz 2 Men

“They dress the same as the Government Ministers; they talk the same as the Government Ministers; they eat in the same restaurants as the Government Ministers; it reminds me of … Continue reading

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