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Anarchism in Interesting Times

Little Pigs Cheer as Wolf Blows their House Down

Is there anything that illustrates the servile cap-tipping cesspool that is the public life of the Irish establishment better than an American multi-millionaire being cheered on by a crowd of … Continue reading

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Warped Visions: Religion in the Irish Education System

Warped Visions: Religion in the Irish Education System The following is an article I wrote for issue 9 of the Irish Anarchist Review. Excerpt: ” It’s no secret that the … Continue reading

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Tapping into The Collective Consciousness: The propaganda of water charges

Last night as I lay in bed, drifting in and out of consciousness, there was something nudging the back of my mind, some subconscious function that refused to let me … Continue reading

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The Power of Capital Compels You: Exorcising the myth of work

Demon: I’m not Regan. Father Damien Karras: Well, then let’s introduce ourselves. I’m Damien Karras. Demon: And I’m the Devil. Now kindly undo these straps. Father Damien Karras: If you’re … Continue reading

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